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My Clients have nothing but kind words

to say.

“Before Jake’s help, Organic Chemistry was really a struggle for me. After he stepped in, the results were amazing, and I found myself enjoying O-chem. concepts and doing problems. Don’t let it be a pain. Jake makes it really easy. Call him today!” - Sarah M. Chicago, IL “Jacob has helped me a lot with calculus and physics. I can tell that I have less trouble in doing the problems and am improving in both classes. I now have a better under- standing of the material I learned in these classes.” - Farah M. Chicago, IL  
Jacob has saved me from drowning in AP Chemistry! If it weren't from him my grades would seriously be suffering, but I've managed to get A's with his help. He goes through the concepts with me with patience and ease. I am truly able to understand and apply my knowledge of the subject with his help. He is always available to ease my confusion. I'm so happy I found Jacob! Maggie D. Pittsburg, PA